How do I set up Roku on my TV?

How do I set up Roku on my TV?

Roku is a streaming device launched by Roku Inc. it allows the users to turn their television set into a smart TV. Even though the smart TV is introduced in the market, but still the users require the Roku device. The reason is, there are endless people who have invested a huge sum of money already on their television. Instead of replacing the television with smart television using the Roku device to access streaming channels would the right decision. Buying a new tv needs a big investment compared to buying a portable Roku device.


This is perhaps the reason why the people across the world use the Roku device to turn their television into a smart TV. The Roku devices are now available in different categories. Earlier, the users had only one option i.e. Roku player. However, nowadays, the users use the Roku stick that comes with a power cable and memory card.

Below is the answer to how to set up Roku on your tv;

  • Plug the roku device into the HDMI port of your television
  • Connect Roku with the power outlet using the Roku power cable
  • Turn on the tv and switch to Roku’s input
  • Set up your Roku
  • Select a language
  • Connect to wifi
  • Allow your Roku to update
  • Confirm your display settings
  • Set up your Roku remote with your Roku tv
  • Your Roku is set-up now



How to activate Roku on your tv?

To start watching streaming shows, you must have to activate Roku on your TV. To activate, ensure you have a Roku account. Below are the steps to activate Roku on TV.

  • Wait for an activation code to appear on your tv screen
  • Visit com/activate (ensure you have Roku account beforehand)
  • Enter the activation code
  • Click Submit
  • Your Roku is now activated



We hope you have learned how to set up roku streaming stick. If you are the one who wants to learn how to set up roku streaming stick On Smart TV, you should get in touch with professional help. Here we are highlighting the professional tech support giant that works round the clock to serve Roku users.

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How To Setup Roku Streaming Stick

How to set up streaming stick?

Typically a size of a flash drive, Roku streaming stick is the most compact streaming device by the company so far. You are allowed to access thousands of streaming channels through the streaming stick. Some common channels include Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, and others. Besides, you are also facilitated to access hundreds of free channels as well.


You get advanced Roku remote to have control on your TV. The remote is operated via Bluetooth. You don’t have to bring the remote in the line of TV to give the command. But make sure there is no other electronic device near your TV. It may block the signals, which will let not let your remote work properly. To learn how to set-up Roku on TV, read below.

Simple steps to step Roku are;

  • Roku streaming stick uses your internet connection to let you access streaming services.
  • You must have a subscription to access paid channels.
  • The Roku streaming stick is plugged into HDMI port of the TV to stream video content whenever you want.
  • Connect your TV with your wifi connection. Ensure your wifi is delivering high-speed internet.
  • If you use a wireless network, then first launch Roku on your TV. Once you launch the Roku app on TV, you are prompted to select your wifi network and enter your password
  • Roku activation codes appear on your TV screen. We request you to note down the code, open the internet browser, visit, and enter the code displayed on your TV. Click Submit
  • You will see your Roku streaming stick has been activated now. Give your Roku device a nickname
  • Roku will ask you to choose your preferred channels. Chose the channels and click on continue
  • Roku will automatically set-up
  • Finally, Roku is now ready to use



You are supposed to learn how to set-up Roku streaming stick  on your tv through the above-mentioned procedure. If you obstruct anyone while resetting-up Roku, dial Roku Phone Number introduced by a comprehensive tech support service that is a big name when it comes to the best online tech support services.

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How To Set Up Roku Stick | | Roku Com Link

How to set-up Roku on tv?

Roku Com Link is an advanced media streaming player that enables the users to stream video content on the home tv via internet. The users can access popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Sing TV, and Youtube through Roku. The streaming services you can access via Roku are not confined to the mentioned services. There are hundreds of streaming services that you can access via Roku. The majority of the channels you watch on Roku are streaming channels, whereas the Roku also allows its users to access Sling TV that enables users to watch live videos as it airs. When Roku came into existence, the users were facilitated to access on Netflix but now hundreds of streaming channels out there to access.


Learn how Roku works

By using the HDMI cable, connect your tv with your Roku. On the other hand, connect your home network with your Roku device. If you have wired internet then connect the Ethernet cable into the Roku device. However, if you use a wireless internet then first launch your Roku on your TV. Go the Roku app, search for your network, and then enter your password and id.

Roku com link is used to sign-up Roku. In order to access streaming channels on Roku, you must have an account on Roku. Therefore, visit link and sign-up.



Many folks are not aware of Roku; however, there are many folks who are planning to install Roku at their place. The point is how to set-up Roku streaming stick. There are certain things to keep in mind while setting up Roku. Folks who are new to Roku often have no idea how to set-up Roku on Tv. The users can seek professional help to learn how to set-up Roku.


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Roku Com Link Activation | Www Roku Com Link

How to easily Fix Roku Connection

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Roku device uses your internet connection to let you access endless streaming shows, movies, games, etc. But Roku stopped connecting to WiFi sort of issue does not let you enjoy what you want. Here you have come up with the solution of this connection issue.


Roku is a popular streaming device over the years in the USA, where you can access hundreds of streaming channels anytime from anywhere. Generally, people directly access the streaming channels on their computers and smartphones but when it comes to access on the TV, you need Roku streaming device that uses your existing network connection to access your favorite shows on your television set. Put simply, you cannot stream Roku on your TV since you do not connect Roku to your internet.

There are basically two different methods to connect your Roku with your network connection that include wireless and wired internet. Below is the procedure to resolve Roku stopped connecting to WiFi (wireless).

Learn how to connect Roku with wireless internet step by step; 

  1. Login your internet router
  2. Navigate DNS Settings
  3. Replace the internal DNS address to public DNS address
  4. Save the Settings
  5. Run the Roku Set-up again
  6. Once you set the DNS Properly, Roku will connect to your internet connection

On the other hand, your wifi also has wired option, and then below is the procedure to apply.

  1. Press Home Button on your Roku remote control
  2. Scroll down and select ‘Settings’
  3. Select Network
  4. Select Set-up Connection
  5. Select Wired (Wired option will appear when you connect Ethernet on your Roku device)
  6. That’s it

You are supposed to fix Roku connection issues by these methods. When it comes to activating Roku, visit Www Roku Com Link here you will have to enter Link Code Roku so that Roku can be activated on your television. To back you on a technical front, we have set-up Roku customer support team that holds rich experience in handling Roku related issues.


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Roku Com Link Enter Code || Http Roku Com Link

How to fix ‘Roku won’t connect to wireless network’ issue

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Roku stopped connecting to WiFi  , Roku stopped connecting to WiFi  ,   , activation   , account  , activate  ,

To learn why you are not able to perform Roku com link activate and resolve other issues with Roku, contacting at Roku support number would be a great idea.

How to fix ‘Roku won’t connect to wireless network’ issue?

Manufactured by an American Company, Roku is an online media player that enables you to access hundreds of streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, VUDU and HBO, etc. Roku plugs into your home television using the HDMI cable. This cable basically connects your TV and Roku device. Then Roku is connected to your network connection (Ethernet and wireless). Finally, you end the set-up process by plugging the power cable to the wall outlet. Sometimes, the users face Roku won’t connect to the wireless network.

 The easy way to fix Roku won’t connect to wireless network issue; 


  • Ensure you have entered the correct name for your wireless network


    1.  Enter the correct password


  • Check and ensure whether the router is working properly or not
  • Ensure there are proper wifi signals
  • Restart your Roku device and router


This way you end up fixing wireless network connectivity issues. Most probably, by implementing these tip and suggestions, connectivity issues get resolved. Otherwise, Roku Customer service remains the best alternative which is specially introduced to cater the Roku users who come across various issues including wifi connectivity. Not only connectivity, but you can also share Roku Com Link Activation issue along with Roku remote not working issue. But before you share issues associated with Remote, first we insist to ensure the remote batteries are installed correctly in the battery compartment and the batteries are fully charged.



If you are willing to fix Roku Com Link Activate and connectivity issues on your own, you can apply the above tips and suggestions. Otherwise, we are here to serve round the clock, with our highly talented customer support team having rich experience in handling the issues.


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Roku Express Stopped Connecting to Wifi

How to do Roku Com Link Activation on your Smart TV 


As you connect Roku device to your Smart TV through the cable, you get Roku activation code which is used in Roku Com Link Activation


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A well-defined procedure has to follow in order to activate Roku on your Smart TV. Not everyone is aware of it. Before we start letting you know about Roku stopped connecting to WiFi, it’s important to put some light on Roku streaming device.

About Roku Streaming Device

Roku streaming device is designed by Roku Inc for watching various streaming services to get entertained. You don’t only can access Roku through mobile phone and PC, but you can access Roku on your smart TV through Roku app. But if you love to watch movies on the bigger screen, you have to buy a Roku device. Roku device comes with an advanced remote control that is used to get complete control on your Remote device so that you can access what you want.

There are two simple ways to activate Roku on your Smart TV. Either you activate on your own by following the procedure or directly approach the Roku Customer Support. In order to manually activate Roku, we have shared the entire procedure below.


The Step By Step Procedure To Roku Com Link Activate:

  1. Connect Roku device to your smart TV by following the instructions given in the Roku Box’s manual. 
  2. Turn-on your smart TV and change the input channel
  3. You see a Roku Box welcome screen
  4. Press select button on your remote
  5. Select your network connection
  6.  As the internet is connected to your smart TV, Roku activation code appears on the screen
  7.  Now visit Http Roku Com Link. Here you will be asked to enter the Roku activation code
  8. Roku Com Link Enter Code and create a new account (if you already have the account, then directly login your account)
  9. Once your account has been created. Click on Continue below
  10.  Now you will see channels are updating on your smart TV
  11. Your Roku streaming device is activated now on your TV

We hope you end up activating your Roku on your smart TV but if it does not happen to you, then you are requested to approach Roku Customer Support to talk with experts about the activation process. 

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Roku stopped connecting to WiFi

How many charges needed for a Roku channel - Roku Channels

 Roku Com Link Help   why won t my roku connect,

When people start using the Roku Streaming Player, they always have one doubt in their mind is that how much cost needed by a Roku channel, whether it is a one-time charge or a monthly subscription. You can clear your doubts with the given information about the Roku channels.

In addition to that in case you start your Roku player, first, you must need to account. Three options will appear on the screen. Here you will be given with these three options:

  •       Add the Channel
  •       Buy the Channel
  •       Subscribe the Channel

Add the Channel:

In case you go to the Add Channel, then do not worry about the immediate payment charges. Furthermore, in the add channel option, you can add the channel without paying any cost. Moreover, Roku provides you many channels that are free of cost. These Channels listed like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, activate starz com, FX Networks, history com activate & many more on your Roku Channel Store.


Buy the Channel:

If you go to the buy channel option, then you will be charged for the fee that is a one-time fee for a particular channel. For payment, you can use your credit card details that you entered into your Roku account during the setup. Moreover, if you want to eliminate your payment method, then open account. Log in to the account, and add your credit card details to the payment method, if you want to buy any channel.

Subscribe the Channel:

In case you select the subscribe channel option, you will charge at regular intervals. Additionally, the subscription is applicable for a month or a year. If you are going for the subscription option, then you have to be very careful. Moreover, if you want to cancel the subscription of a channel, then go to your Roku device, Sign in account and find the channels into your Roku Channel Store and now choose the channel you want to cancel. Also, you can cancel the subscription, or eliminate the channel or keep the channel into your channel list.


Moreover, the above information is all about the Roku Channel charges and that is useful while using the Roku channels.

For further assistance, visit roku stopped connecting to wifi

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roku stopped connecting to wifi