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How to do Roku Com Link Activation on your Smart TV 


As you connect Roku device to your Smart TV through the cable, you get Roku activation code which is used in Roku Com Link Activation


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A well-defined procedure has to follow in order to activate Roku on your Smart TV. Not everyone is aware of it. Before we start letting you know about Roku stopped connecting to WiFi, it’s important to put some light on Roku streaming device.

About Roku Streaming Device

Roku streaming device is designed by Roku Inc for watching various streaming services to get entertained. You don’t only can access Roku through mobile phone and PC, but you can access Roku on your smart TV through Roku app. But if you love to watch movies on the bigger screen, you have to buy a Roku device. Roku device comes with an advanced remote control that is used to get complete control on your Remote device so that you can access what you want.

There are two simple ways to activate Roku on your Smart TV. Either you activate on your own by following the procedure or directly approach the Roku Customer Support. In order to manually activate Roku, we have shared the entire procedure below.


The Step By Step Procedure To Roku Com Link Activate:

  1. Connect Roku device to your smart TV by following the instructions given in the Roku Box’s manual. 
  2. Turn-on your smart TV and change the input channel
  3. You see a Roku Box welcome screen
  4. Press select button on your remote
  5. Select your network connection
  6.  As the internet is connected to your smart TV, Roku activation code appears on the screen
  7.  Now visit Http Roku Com Link. Here you will be asked to enter the Roku activation code
  8. Roku Com Link Enter Code and create a new account (if you already have the account, then directly login your account)
  9. Once your account has been created. Click on Continue below
  10.  Now you will see channels are updating on your smart TV
  11. Your Roku streaming device is activated now on your TV

We hope you end up activating your Roku on your smart TV but if it does not happen to you, then you are requested to approach Roku Customer Support to talk with experts about the activation process. 

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Roku stopped connecting to WiFi

How many charges needed for a Roku channel - Roku Channels

 Roku Com Link Help   why won t my roku connect,

When people start using the Roku Streaming Player, they always have one doubt in their mind is that how much cost needed by a Roku channel, whether it is a one-time charge or a monthly subscription. You can clear your doubts with the given information about the Roku channels.

In addition to that in case you start your Roku player, first, you must need to account. Three options will appear on the screen. Here you will be given with these three options:

  •       Add the Channel
  •       Buy the Channel
  •       Subscribe the Channel

Add the Channel:

In case you go to the Add Channel, then do not worry about the immediate payment charges. Furthermore, in the add channel option, you can add the channel without paying any cost. Moreover, Roku provides you many channels that are free of cost. These Channels listed like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, activate starz com, FX Networks, history com activate & many more on your Roku Channel Store.


Buy the Channel:

If you go to the buy channel option, then you will be charged for the fee that is a one-time fee for a particular channel. For payment, you can use your credit card details that you entered into your Roku account during the setup. Moreover, if you want to eliminate your payment method, then open account. Log in to the account, and add your credit card details to the payment method, if you want to buy any channel.

Subscribe the Channel:

In case you select the subscribe channel option, you will charge at regular intervals. Additionally, the subscription is applicable for a month or a year. If you are going for the subscription option, then you have to be very careful. Moreover, if you want to cancel the subscription of a channel, then go to your Roku device, Sign in account and find the channels into your Roku Channel Store and now choose the channel you want to cancel. Also, you can cancel the subscription, or eliminate the channel or keep the channel into your channel list.


Moreover, the above information is all about the Roku Channel charges and that is useful while using the Roku channels.

For further assistance, visit roku stopped connecting to wifi

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roku stopped connecting to wifi